Protective coatings for restoration and waterproofing

The Elastocolor product line of wall coatings is the latest extension to the Mapei Concrete Restoration Systems category.

Suitable for the concrete restoration and waterproofing market, Elastocolor Flex, Elastocolor Coat and Elastocolor Paint provide decorative and protective finishes for vertical, above-grade building facades and structures.

The wall coatings consist of professional, ready-to-use, water-based, 100-percent-acrylic coating technology for use on above-grade exterior/interior concrete, masonry, fibre-reinforced polymer composites, and exterior insulation and finish systems.

Each coating has been subjected to an array of ASTM tests such as the ASTM D6695 Xenon Arc Exposure test, where all of the coatings have surpassed 10,000 hours.

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