Ceramic tiles evoke leather, slate tones

Ariana has announced Worn and Mineral collections based on stylistic and material research aimed at expanding the potential for use of ceramic tile.

The Worn collection is said to offer a soft, pleasant feel of leather reproduced in ceramic to create an original and versatile surface.

The collection’s four colours soften the boldest shades of leather and recall the industrial tones of contemporary mood boards, the company says.

In the minimalist Mineral collection, it adds, the company explores the world of slate, maintaining the strength and consistency of the original stone while using three-dimensional effects to simulate the material’s natural unevenness on the otherwise smooth ceramic surface.

Suitable for projects in both residential and commercial settings, the Mineral collection comes in a range of sizes from 120 x 240 cm down to the smallest 10 x 30 cm “brick” size.

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